About the Advertising Blind Boxes Form

This service stores blind box information that can be used in conjunction with classified ads to allow advertisers to remain anonymous when receiving responses to an ad.


Attachments Tab

The Attachments tab list any files relevant to the Advertising Blind Boxes record.

General Tab

Name (required)

The Name field is for the name of the blind box.


The Description field further defines the blind box if necessary.

Contact Info Section

Contact Name (required)

Contains the name of the contact person for the classified advertisement. This information is initially populated based on the name of the advertiser or agency contact listed on the Advertising Contracts record when it is opened during the insertion order process.


Contains the address information of the contact. This information flows down from the advertiser or agency contact listed on the Advertising Contracts record.

City, State, ZIP Code, Country, County

The contact's address information.

In Aptify web, the Bad Address option is always displayed on any form where the address control is displayed, no matter how the administrator has configured the bad address input properties. However, enabling or disabling the Bad Address option in this form does not affect the status of the address. This option is effective only when it is set on the Companies and Persons top-level entities. This is a known issue set to be resolved in a future release of Aptify. Contact Aptify Technical Support for updates.


Contains the non-published email address of the contracting agency or advertising contact.


Contains the non-published telephone number of the contracting agency or advertiser contact.


Contains the non-published fax number of the contracting agency or advertising contact.


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