About the Product Issues Form for Advertising

Product Issues represent each issue of an advertising product. For example, if you sell advertisements in the November 2006 issue of ABC magazine, a Product Issues record for the November 2006 issue of ABC is required.


Attachments Tab

Attach any files relevant to the product issue on the Attachments tab.

General Tab

Name (required)

The Name field contains the name of the product issue.


Enter a description of the product issue.

Product (required)

The Product field contains the name of the advertising product of which the product issue is part. The product must be of the product category, Advertising.

Shipment Date (required)

The shipment date is the date the product issue is due to be shipped to its subscribers.

Expire Date

Enter the date after which advertising cannot be sold for this product issue.


Enter any comments relevant to the product issue in the Comments field.

Issue Date (required)

Enter the date listed on the publication's product issue. For example, most magazines identify the issue by volume number and issue number.

Revenue Recognition Date (required)

The revenue recognition date is the date the revenue generated from the sale of the advertisement in the corresponding product issue is recognized and accounted for in the appropriate GL accounts.


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