About the Publications Form

Each advertising contract must contain one or more advertising products. The Publications tab on the Advertising Contracts record contains the Publications records that identify the advertising product, the advertising rate card and the frequency for each specific advertising product.

The Publications record is accessible from the Publications tab of the Advertising Contracts record.


Publication (required)

The Publication field contains the name of the advertising product. Use the Find feature to select an appropriate product with a product category of Advertising. A filter only allows the user to select a product with a product category of Advertising.

Rate Card (required)

The Rate Card field identifies the Advertising Rate Cards record to use with the selected publication. Use the Find feature to select the desired rate card or click on the Rate Card link to create a new Rate Cards record. Because rate card record names are the same as the publication name, when you are selecting a rate card for a publication that has two or more possible rate cards, use the date fields or description field to identify the desired rate card.

Frequency (required)

The Frequency field contains the number of advertisements that will be agreed upon for this publication. You can only select a frequency that is specified in the Advertising Rate Cards record previously selected in the Rate Cards field.


The Comments field contains any additional details relevant to the Publications record.


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