Obtaining an Authorization

When an order is taken and payment information is provided, the order taker enters this information and initiates a save of the order. The ePayment module then submits the transaction to the gateway provider who returns a verification code. If the transaction is approved, Aptify creates a Payments record with a corresponding Authorizations sub-type record. If the transaction is not approved, a message displays indicating the reason for denial and the order is not saved.

When a payment is successfully authorized, Aptify adds an Authorizations record to the Payments record's Authorizations tab to store the details of the authorization.

 Authorized Payment

If the Merchant Accounts record for this transaction is AuthCapture, the gateway provider continues processing the transaction, which results in the funds being transferred to the merchant's local bank. However, in most cases, the Merchant Accounts record is defined as AuthOnly, and the funds need to be captured in a separate process. Note that if a capture fails because an authorization has expired, you can delete the existing payment and create a new one to reauthorize the payment amount so it can be successfully captured. Also, in an AuthOnly system, credit card refunds are authorized but do not need to be captured separately. Also, authorized refunds cannot be deleted while authorized, but not captured, payments can be deleted. Payments that have been authorized and captured cannot be deleted.

See the About the Payment Authorizations Form for more information on the Payments form's Authorizations tab.

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