Matching Receipts with Orders and Payments

The Lock Box Import wizard automatically creates a Cash Control Batches record. The first time you open this record, the status for all of the individual cash receipt line items, shown on the Lock Box tab, is set to Unmatched, as shown in the following figure.

 Cash Control Batch - Lock Box Tab

To begin the matching process, click the Match button. The system then attempts to match the cash receipts to existing orders (typically based on the Bank Key, which corresponds to the Order ID in the demo lock box implementation).
If a record has a match, the receipt's Status is set to Matched. If the matching process did not find a match, or there is a discrepancy between the receipt and the matching order found, the status is set to Exception. Each exception must be resolved for the receipt to post, and all receipts must post for the total receipts to match the total applied payments.


Note Concerning Applying Payment to Cancelled Orders

In Aptify, a Payment can be applied to a cancelled order, thus making it a credit memo. However, based on an organization's business rules, this logic may not be appropriate. For example, when payment is added to a cancelled Quotation Order, the order is changed to a Regular order when the payment is applied. This is expected, since you cannot add payment to a quotation order, however, it may not fit the business needs of the organization (that is, payment should never be applied in this case). Instead, you should follow a different workflow to either allocate the money to a new order or manually adjust the OrderID and add appropriate comments.  


If a record is found to be an exception, Exception Status is set to Pending, and Exception Type is set one of the following four values:

  • Overpayment: Cash receipts exceed the total order.
  • Underpayment: Cash receipts are less than the total order.
  • No Order: Cash receipt does not match any order within the system.
  • Other: Any other type of exception.

See for an example. After matching the cash receipts with orders, resolve any exceptions that appear, as described in Resolving Exceptions.

 Lock Box Receipts Post Match

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