How Aptify Integrates with an Accounts Payable System to Process Refunds

For refund processing, Aptify provides a mechanism to transfer the adjustments from Aptify to an Accounts Payable (AP) system, such as Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains). Then, after the accounting department processes the refund information within the AP system and prints checks, a user can import the applicable check numbers back into Aptify.

The following provides an overview of how Aptify integrates with a third-party AP system to process refunds:

  1. An organization creates Payments records with a Refund Voucher payment type when a customer requires a refund due to a cancellation or overpayment.
    • An organization can use one Refund Voucher payment type or multiple refund voucher payment types, depending on the accepted customer payment methods.
      • Each non-credit card Payment method can have a particular Refund Voucher specified that will be used to process refunds for that payment type.
      • For credit card Payment methods, refunds are typically posted back to the same credit card so the Refund Voucher field is left blank.
      • Each Refund Voucher payment type should be linked to a "Refund Payable" liability general ledger (GL) account rather than a Cash account. When the refund payment is created, Aptify then credits the Refund Payable account. Then, when the refund check is cut in the AP system, the AP system credits Cash and debits the Refund Payable account.
  2. A member of the accounting department opens or creates a view of refund payments and runs the AP Export wizard to generate the file(s) that can be exported into the third-party AP system.
    • For export to Microsoft Dynamics GP, Aptify generates two files: a Vendor file and a Transaction file. The Vendor file contains information about the refund recipient(s). The Transaction file contains the refund details.
    • For each export operation, Aptify creates an AP Export Runs record for tracking purposes.
    • See How Aptify Integrates with Accounts Payable Systems to Track Product Costs for information on the export wizard.

  3. A member of the accounting department imports the export files into the AP system and generates printed checks to process the refunds. When the check is cut within the AP system, the Refund Payable GL account is debited and the cash account is credited.
  4. A member of the accounting department generates a file from the AP system to import the refund check details into Aptify.
  5. A member of the accounting department imports the refund check details into Aptify using the AP Import wizard. The wizard creates an AP Import Runs record and updates the AP Integration tab on the applicable Payments records as needed.


The diagram shown below illustrates the import and export process for refund processing.

 Refund Processing Import and Export Process Flow Diagram

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