How Aptify Integrates with an Accounts Payable System

The following provides an overview of how Aptify integrates with a third-party Accounts Payable (AP) system:

  1. An organization determines if its Accounts Payable system is supported in the standard Aptify installation.
    • The standard Aptify installation includes support for Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains).
    • If using another AP system, a developer needs to write an object that determines the format of the import and export files used to integrate Aptify with the AP system.
    • This object should implement the IAPIntegration interface or sub-class the APIntegrationBase class. See the Aptify Software Development Kit (SDK) for details.
    • After writing the object, the developer or an administrator adds it to the Aptify Object Repository and creates an AP Systems record for the third-party software package. See About the AP Systems Form for information on the fields on the AP Systems record.
  2. An organization determines what relevant accounting data should be exchanged between Aptify and the Accounts Payable system.
  3. An organization creates records within the service specified in the transaction source and uses the in AP Import and Export wizards to perform the exchange of data between Aptify and the organization's Accounts Payable system.
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