Approving the Cash Control Batch

Once the Cash Control Batch's Cash Total equals the Payment Total, you can approve the Cash Control Batch. Follow these steps:

  1. Click the Approve button.
     Approve the Lock Box Cash Control Batch
  2. Click OK when prompted to confirm the approval request. 
    • The system automatically performs the following actions:
      • It inserts the current date and time in the Date Approved field.
      • It replaces the Approve button with a De-Approve button.
      • It inserts your name in the Approved By field (this links to your Employees record).
      • It locks down the Cash tab to prevent any further modifications to the cash receipts information.
      • It prevents any additional payments from being associated with this Cash Control Batches record.
      • It prevents any modification to the payment information in the Payments records associated with the Cash Control Batch.

        Approved Lock Box Cash Control Batch
  3. If you need to modify the Cash Control Batch after it has been approved, follow these steps:
    1. Click the De-Approve button.
      • The system clears the Date Approved and Approved By fields and re-enables the Cash tab.
    2. Modify the Cash Control Batch as necessary.
    3. When finished, click the Approve button again to re-approve the Cash Control Batch.
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