Posting Cash Receipts

Posting cash receipts may be done at any time but generally it is performed when all receipts are either matched or resolved. Only those receipts with a Status of Matched or an Exception Status of Resolved may be posted. For these records, posting cash receipts performs the following functions:

  • Creates the necessary Payments records, if they do not already exist.
  • Changes the order's status from Quotation to Regular, if applicable.
  • Assigns the Cash Control Batch ID to new or existing Payments records to link each cash receipts to its respective order.
  • Locks the posted Cash Details records to prevent possible changes, with the exception of Cash Details records with a Status of Void.
  • Voided Cash Details records are not locked down so they can be modified (in case when a valid payment is accidently voided). However, once a Cash Batch Controls record is Approved, no Cash Details records can be modified.

Follow these steps to post the Cash Control Batch's receipts:

  1. Click the Post button on the Lock Box tab.

     Posting Payments
  2. Click OK when prompted to confirm the posting operation. 
  3. Click OK when prompted that the posting process is complete.
    • When finished, Aptify inserts the ID of the appropriate Payments record in the PaymentID column.
    • All payments associated with the Cash Control Batch appear on the Payments Posted tab. Note that any refund created to resolve an exception does not appear on this tab.
    • The Payment ID for any refund generated for a cash receipt appears in the Refund Payment ID field on the Cash Detail record. In the figure below, the customer paid $500.00 for an order whose total was $450.00. The remaining $50.00 was refunded to the customer.

       Posted Cash Detail Record
    • The system adds together the amounts of the payments linked to the Cash Control Batch and displays the total in the Payment Total field. When the Cash Total equals the Payment Total, a user can approve the Cash Control Batch. See Approving the Cash Control Batch for details.
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