Adding Prospects from Campaign Segments

A campaign may have multiple target audiences that each requires a separate marketing effort. The Campaign Segments service lets an organization define the members of a target group and store documents related to the customized marketing effort.

After defining a campaign's segments, you can run the Campaign List Builder wizard to import the prospects identified by each segment into a Campaign's Prospect List.

Campaign Segments apply to Persons only.


This topic covers the following sub-topics related to setting up and using Campaign Segments:

Creating a Campaign Segment

Follow these steps to create a Campaign Segment:

  1. Open a Campaign record.
  2. Click Segments tab.
  3. Right-click in the grey area below the Segments heading and choose New.
    • A new Campaign Segment record appears.
    • The Campaign field is automatically filled in with the name of the campaign you opened in Step 1.
    • Note that you can also open Campaign Segments records directly from the Campaign Segments service. 
  4. Enter Name for the Campaign Segment.
  5. Select Filter Type: Standard or View.
    • Select Standard if you want to define the segment population based on a SQL query. This option is for advanced users who can write SQL queries.
    • Select View if you want to define the segment population based on a view you created of the Persons service. 
  6. Enter the segment's filter criteria based on the Filter Type you selected.
    • If you selected the Standard filter type, enter a SQL query in the SQL Query field.

    • If you selected the View filter type, enter the name of a Persons view you created in the View link box.

  7. Enter a rank for the segment in the Rank field. 
    • Prospects who are in multiple segments are associated with the segment that has the lower number in the Rank field (that is, a lower number corresponds to a higher rank). The rank specifies the order in which segments are processed by the Campaign List Builder wizard. 
    • If two segments have the same rank, the Campaign List Builder wizard processes the segment with the smaller ID first.
  8. Save and close the record.

Adding Campaign Documents to a Segment

Follow these steps if you want to add a Campaign Document to a Campaign Segment:

  1. Create a Campaign Document, if necessary. See Adding Campaign Documents on for details.
  2. Open an existing Campaign Segment record.
  3. Click the Campaign Segment Documents tab.
  4. Click New icon in the sub-type toolbar to create a new record.
  5. Enter the name of the document in the Campaign Document field.
  6. Click OK.
    • The document is added to the Campaign Segment.


  7. Save and close the record.

Running the Campaign List Builder Wizard

After you have defined a campaign's segments, run the Aptify Campaign List Builder wizard to add the Persons identified by the segments to the campaign's prospect list. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Campaigns service.
  2. Click the Campaign List Builder Wizard icon. 

  3. The Campaign List Builder wizard appears. Click Next to begin.

  4. Enter the name of the campaign to which you want to add prospects in the Campaign field.
  5. Configure the Initialize List and Preserve Manual List Entries options.
    • If you select Initialize List and clear Preserve Manual List Entries, the wizard will remove all existing prospects for the specified Campaign when it adds the new prospects based on the Campaign Segments.
    • If you select both options, the wizard will remove only those existing prospects that were automatically generated by a previous run of the wizard. In other words, any prospect that was entered into the Campaign's Prospect List using another method will not be removed.
      • To determine if a prospect was automatically generated, open the prospect's Prospect List Detail record and locate the Is Generated option. If this option is selected, the prospect entry was created automatically by this wizard; if this option is cleared, the prospect was added using another method.
    • If you clear Initialize List, the wizard does not remove any existing prospects from the Prospect List.
      • When Initialize List is cleared, the Preserve Manual List Entries option becomes unavailable.
  6. Select a default status type that will be applied to all of the prospects generated by the wizard from the Default Status drop-down menu.

  7. Click Next to continue.
  8. Be patient while the wizard builds the campaign's prospect list based on the campaign's configured segments.
  9. Click Finish when prompted that your campaign has been built successfully.
  10. Open the Campaign record.
  11. Confirm that the intended prospects have been added to the Prospects List.


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