About the Campaign Products Form

The Campaign Products records links products to a campaign. The records are accessible from the Products sub-tab on the Discounts tab of the Campaigns record.

Campaign Discount Product Form

Product (required)

The Product field contains the name of the product to be included in the campaign.

Type (required)

The Type field identifies what type of discount the campaign offers for the product on this record. Options include Discount, Discount %, and Amount. The default value is Amount.

Currency Type

The Currency Type field indicates the currency in which the discount pricing is calculated for orders for this product, based on the Currency Type of the order. This field links to the Currency Types service.

Discount Amount

This field is only available if Type is set to Discount. It specifies the amount to subtract from a product's price.

Discount Percent

This field is only available if Type is set to Discount %. It specifies the percentage of the price to subtract from a product's price. Note that if using Discount %, the discount type applies to all orders placed for the campaign, independent of the order's Currency Type and the Currency Type field is disabled.


This field is only available if Type is set to Amount. It specifies the amount to charge for a product that qualifies for this campaign price. This amount replaces whatever price specified in the Products record that would otherwise be applicable.

Member Type (required)

The Member Type field indicates which customer type receives the discount listed on this record.

Include Sub-Member Types

This option is added in Aptify 5.5.1. Select this option to apply a discount to the set of sub-members for the specified Member Type. By default, this option is not selected.


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