About the GL Accounts Form for Campaigns

An organization can configure each campaign with a set of General Ledger (GL) Accounts. When an order for a product is shipped, Aptify automatically generates the necessary GL entries that debit or credit the appropriate GL accounts.


GL Order Level (required)

The Order Level for this GL account. By using multiple Order Levels, a product can have more than one GL account of the same type. Then, depending upon the Order's Order Level, Aptify debits or credits the specified GL account associated with that order level. By -specifying an order level, you can associate a set of GL accounts that should be used for a particular group of customers.

For information on GL Order Levels, see About Order Levels and GL Accounts for more information.

Type (required)

The GL Account's Type. Standard types include Sales, Accounts Receivable, and Deferred Income.

See About Order Types and GL Entries for a list of standard types.

GL Account (required)

This field specifies a GL account assigned to the product. Users can specify a GL Account by ID or by using the Find feature.


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