About the Nominees Form

The Nominees record stores information regarding the specific member being nominated for a committee term. Nominees records are only available from the Nominees tab of the Committee Terms record.


Member (required)

Name of the person who has been nominated for the committee term. This field is linked to the Persons service.


Professional title of the nominee or the position within the committee term for which the person is being nominated.


Numeric Rank value for the nominee or the rank of the position nominated for, if applicable. The default is 0.


Summary of the nominee's accomplishments, goals, or any other relevant information.


Select the nominee's type from the drop-down list. The available choices are: Applicant (default), Nominee, and Other.


Choose the nominee's status from the drop-down list. Select from Pending (default), Approved, and Rejected.


Choose the role in which the nominee is being nominated for. This field links to the Committee Roles service.


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