Sending Period Renewal Notices

Aptify's second best practice recommendation for membership renewals is to send periodic renewal notices to members who have not renewed yet on this schedule:

  • First Notice: 90 days before expiration (corresponds to the date when a renewal quotation is created by the Automate Creation of Membership Renewal Quotations workflow)
  • Second Notice: 60 days before expiration
  • Third Notice: 30 days before expiration
  • Fourth Notice: Date of expiration
  • Fifth Notice: 30 days past due
  • Sixth Notice: 60 days past due
  • Final Notice: 90 days past due (plus a follow-up phone call from a staff member)

However, once a member has renewed at any time during the renewal cycle, no further notices should be sent to that person.

Aptify includes a workflow that automatically sends out these notices on a predefined schedule using the following elements:

  • Send Membership Renewal Notices Scheduled Task: The default setting for this task is to run daily at 6 am to send out renewal notices to the appropriate members. For best results, it should run on the same day as the Create Membership Renewal Quotations scheduled task but after that task has been completed. This way the appropriate 90-day renewal notices are sent out on schedule. For organizations that use a calendar year model where all memberships expire on the same day, you can choose to have this task run less frequently (such as once per renewal notice). When this task executes, it runs the Send Membership Renewal Reminder Emails process flow.
  • Send Membership Renewal Reminder Emails Process Flow: This multi-step process flow iterates through active Membership Email Schedules records to load a specified source view of renewal quotations. The process flow then sends the appropriate renewal notice, as identified by the Membership Email Schedules record's Message Template, to the Ship To person on those quotation orders.
  • Membership Email Schedules Service: This service identifies the source view and message template to use for a particular renewal notice. An administrator can also mark Membership Email Schedules as inactive to disable a particular notice. In the example below for the fourth notice that is sent on the membership expiration date, the Quotations for Memberships Expiring Today view identifies the recipients of the renewal notice that is based on the Membership Expires Today Renewal Notice template.


  • Membership Email Schedule Views: The sa user has a Membership Renewal Workflow shared folder for the Orders service. Included in this folder are seven views that identify the recipients of a particular renewal notice. These views identify recipients based on the following criteria:
    • The order's Type is a Quotation
    • Order's Status is Taken
    • Order's Due Date is today or later
    • The subscription to be renewed by the order has the Auto-Renew option disabled
    • The subscription to be renewed by the order is for a Membership product
    • The subscription to be renewed by the order expires in a particular time interval (such as in 60 days or expired 30 days ago)
  • Member Email Schedule Message Templates: Aptify includes a set of starter message templates that you can use as the basis for your own renewal notices. Within each template, areas enclosed by double angle brackets identify information that will be automatically populated by Aptify for each particular membership renewal message (such as <<ShipToFirstName>>, in the example below). Items enclosed by square brackets are placeholders to be replaced by you with static text (for example, you would replace the [Association's establishment year] placeholder with the year your association was founded).


Version 5.5.1 includes the following sample templates:

    • 90/60/30 Day Membership Renewal Notice
    • Membership Expired Today Renewal Notice
    • 30/60 Days Past Due Renewal Notice
    • 90 Days Past Due Renewal Notice


      In some cases, the same starter template is used for multiple notices and is tied to more than one Membership Email Schedules record. However, you may choose to create a different template for each renewal notice if required. 

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