About the Person Education Form

On the Web interface the Persons Education form simplifies tracking Education details and allows users to view a Persons education details directly from their Persons record. This form is accessed from the Education sub-tab on Details tab of the Persons record.

Education Level

The level of education when studies are completed. This field is linked to the Education Levels service.

Education Field

The field of study. This field is linked to the Education Fields service.

Institution Name

The institution where the education was received. 


This field is linked to the Companies service.

Start Date

The date in which the studies began.

End Date

The date in which the studies were completed or ended.

Is Complete

When selected, the required studies have been completed and the degree/certificate has been earned.

Degree Title

The title of the degree earned.

Overall GPA

The overall grade point average for all courses taken at the institution.

Major GPA

The grade point average for particular courses associated with the degree/certificate.


This field contains any additional details relevant to the Educations record.

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