About the Executive User Main Dashboard

The main dashboard for the Executive User profile includes the following elements:

  • Exec Main Button Bar: The top of the Executive User's main dashboard contains a button bar with the following buttons:
      • World Sales: Runs the World Sales report for Orders recorded in the system.
      • Current Sales: Runs the Sales Summary report for Order placed in the last 90 days.
      • Current Membership: Runs the Companies/Persons Roster report for Companies with current memberships.
      • Current Committees: Runs the Committees Roster report for current committees.
  • Most Recently Used Records: This instance of the Most Recently Used control provides quick access to recently viewed records and views by the current user. See Using the Desktop Client Most Recently Used Dashboard for details.
  • Corporate Members By Country: This chart view displays Companies with Corporate Memberships by country. Clicking on a section of the chart opens a chart view for the corresponding country. You can continue to drill down by state/providence (by clicking the corresponding state/providence on the country chart view) and then by city (by clicking the corresponding city on the state/providence chart view).
  • Revenue - Last 4 Months: This pivot table displays the revenue generated over the last 4 months.
  • My Tasks for Today: This is a list view of all Tasks due today that are assigned to the current user and are not yet completed.

     This view is collapsed by default, but a user can expand, and collapse dashboard parts as needed using the caption button (click the plus sign to expand and the minus sign to collapse).

    Average Completion Variance per Employee Over One Year: This is a list view of the average variance (difference between total estimated hours and actual hours) for completed Tasks assigned to a particular employee over the last year. The view displays the Average Variance and Total Estimated Hours for completed Tasks by each employee.

Executive User's Main Dashboard

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