Automating Creation of Membership Renewal Quotations

Aptify's Scheduled Tasks technology lets you automate recurring tasks so users do not need to execute them manually. This Membership best practice recommendation is to leverage Aptify Scheduled Tasks to automatically generate membership renewal quotations.

The recommended workflow includes the following elements:

  • Create Membership Renewal Quotations Scheduled Task: The default setting for this task is to run daily at 4 am to create a membership renewal quotation for any membership that expires in the next 90 days (assuming that the membership does not already have an open renewal quotation and that it is not configured for auto-renewal). Running the process daily is the recommended approach for organizations that have a rolling membership model where a membership could expire every day. For organizations that use a calendar year model where all memberships expire on the same day, you can choose to have this task run less frequently (even just once a year, 90 days before all of the subscriptions are set to expire). When this task executes, it runs the Generate Renewal Quotations for Memberships Expiring in 90 Days process flow.
  • Generate Renewal Quotations for Memberships Expiring in 90 Days Process Flow: This single step process flows uses the Renew Subscriptions process component to generate quotation orders for the membership subscriptions that appear in the Membership Subscriptions Expiring within 90 Days list view. The generated quotation orders have a Due Date of 90 days from the date the process flow runs.
  • Membership Subscriptions Expiring within 90 Days List View: This filtered list view displays the membership subscriptions that need to have renewal quotations generated. You can find this view in the sa user's Membership Renewal Workflow shared folder for the Subscriptions service. The subscriptions returned by this view meet the following criteria:
    • Is an Active subscription
    • Is a subscription for a Membership product
    • Has an End Date between today and 90 days from today
    • Has the Auto Renew option disabled
    • Does not already have an open renewal quotation tied to it, which is defined as a Regular or Quotation order in Taken status with a Due Date greater than the current date
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