Adding Education to a Persons Record

The Persons record includes the ability to store and reference education details directly from their Persons record Details tab.


For e-Business users, if a user grants access to their social network profile, for example LinkedIn, through an e-Business site, information about institutions they have attended are created as Education records.

Follow these steps to create a new Education record from a Persons record:

  1. Open a Persons record.
  2. Click the Details tab.
  3. Click the Education sub-tab and open a new Education record.
  4. Enter the Education Level, which is the level of education when studies are completed.
  5. Enter the Education Field, which is the the name of the field of study for this Education record.
  6. Enter the Institution, the name of the school or other body where the Education was received.
  7. Enter the Start and End Dates for the Education record
    • The Start Date refers to the date the studies began.
    • The End Date refers to the date the studies completed or ended.

  8. Select the Is Completed check box for an Education record when the required studies have been completed and the degree/certificate has been earned, otherwise leave this cleared for any Education that is in-progress. 
  9. Enter the Degree Title
  10. Enter the Overall GPA, or the GPA for all courses taken at the institution.
  11. Enter the Major GPA, or the GPA for the specific field of study or specific program.
  12. Provide Comments, related to the Education record, if desired.
  13. Save and Close the Education record.


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