Updating the Contact Log

Use Contact Log records to track conversations that the organization has had with an individual, either via telephone, through email, or through conventional mail.

Follow these steps to log a contact between an individual and the organization:

  1. Open the Persons record and select either the Incomplete Contact Log tab or the Complete Contact Log tab.
    • The Incomplete Contact Log tab lists contact log records that have not taken place yet; their status is Incomplete, In-Progress, or On Hold.
    • The Complete Contact Log tab lists only contact log records that do not require additional action; their status is Complete.
    • The Web Clicks tab is an optional tab that tracks Web Click-through information for your organization's e-Business site. For a particular Persons record, this tab displays the Web Clickthrough records linked to that person. This tab is only visible to organizations who an Aptify e-Business site. Web Clickthrough records are generated automatically by an e-Business site.
  2. Open a new Contact Log record from the desired Contact Log tab.
  3. Enter information about the conversation on the Contact Log record as applicable, then save and close the record.
  4. The new contact appears on the person's Contact Log tab that corresponds to the contact log's status.


For more information on logging contacts, refer to Managing the Contact Log Service.


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