About Permanent and Temporary Client Access Keys

In addition to the standard, permanent user keys, Aptify also includes a set of temporary client access keys that can be assigned to users on a temporary basis until additional full licenses are purchased or an existing license becomes available. When an administrator creates new users and selects the appropriate licenses, Aptify automatically assigns each user an available license key of the specified types (assuming that there are unassigned keys).

If there are no permanent keys available of a specific type, an administrator can assign the user a temporary license (assuming that there is a temporary license available). This temporary license is valid for a limited period of time and the system notifies the user that he or she is using a temporary key each time the user logs in to Aptify.

Also, if a temporary license will expire within the next 14 days at the time of login, Aptify displays an additional message that notifies the user of the upcoming license expiration date. If a user is not assigned a permanent key prior to the expiration date, that user will lose access to the applicable system functionality (that is, if the temporary license is a Client Access license, the user will no longer be able to login; if the temporary license is a Module license, the user will no longer have access to that particular module).

When a permanent key becomes available (either by importing additional permanent keys or by deactivating a user who had a license to a permanent key), a user can be reassigned a permanent key by rerunning the User Administration wizard for that user. See Editing User Accounts for more information.

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