About the Subscription Delivery Schedule Form

Subscription Delivery Schedule records allow multiple addresses to be set up for delivery along with corresponding date ranges. This is useful if a recipient wants to receive a subscription at a different address for a period of time, such as while on vacation.

Subscription Delivery Schedule Record

Start Date (Required)

Start date for the subscription delivery to the specified address.

End Date (Required)

End date for the subscription delivery to the specified address.

Address Information (Address Lines 1, 2, and 3, City, State, ZipCode, County, and Country)

The recipient's mailing address for the specified period.

See the Managing Address Information for information on working with addresses in Aptify.

In Aptify web, the Bad Address option is always displayed on any form where the address control is displayed, no matter how the administrator has configured the bad address input properties. However, enabling or disabling the Bad Address option in this form does not effect the status of the address. This option is effective only when it is set on the Companies and Persons top-level entities. This is a known issue set to be resolved in a future release of Aptify. Contact Aptify Technical Support for updates.

Phone Information (Phone and Fax)

The recipient's telephone and fax information for the specified dates.


The recipient's email address for the specified dates.

Requested By (Required)

Name of the person who requested the altered delivery schedule.

Distribution Type (Required)

Method used to distribute the subscription. Standard options for subscription products include Hard Shipment, Email, and Fax.


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