About the Subscription Order Lines Form

When a user adds a subscription product to an order, the corresponds Order Lines record has an extra Subscriptions tab that does not appear for a standard product.

This section only describes the Order Lines form's Subscriptions tab. See About the Order Lines Form for information on the other tabs that appear on this form.


Subscriptions Tab

In Memory Of and In Honor Of

Indicates if the subscription or membership is in honor of or is in memory of another person. These fields are typically used for fundraising donations or contributions.


Defaults to the Ship To person on the order. If the recipient of the subscription is not the order's Ship To person, enter the correct recipient in this field. The Recipient field is also useful in ordering a subscription for multiple people at one time. This field links to the Persons service.

Purchase Type (Required)

Indicates whether the purchase is being made by an individual or by a company.

For individuals that are linked to a company in the database, the Purchase Type field is used to distinguish between an individual purchase or membership versus a company purchase or membership.

By default, the purchase type is based on the Default Type specified in the dues product's Member Types record (see About the Member Types Form).

When the Default Type is Person, then the new order line defaults to an Individual purchase Type. When the Default Type is Company, the new order defaults to a Company purchase type.

If a Default Type is not specified on the Member Types record, then the system sets the purchase type to Individual for new order lines by default. However, an administrator can modify the default purchase type, if necessary. See About Orders Entity Attributes for details.

Using this field correctly for Membership Dues purchases is very important, because it determines whether Membership information is updated for the person or his or her company.

Subscription Copies

For bulk subscriptions, indicates how many copies of each issue the customer will receive. Leave this field set to 1 if this is not a bulk subscription.

Subscription Start Date

Start date for the subscription. Defaults to the Start Date configured for the subscription product or the current date, if a date was not configured for the product.

Agent Order Number

If the organization uses an outside agency for subscription enrollments, use this field to track the agent's order number.

Auto Renew

Select this option to automatically renew the subscription order. See Auto-Renewing Subscriptions for more information.


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