About the Subscription Purchases Form

Aptify creates Subscription Purchase records automatically whenever a subscription is ordered. Subscription purchases are listed on the Purchases tab of the Subscriptions record.



Order (Required)

The order in which the subscription was purchased.

Order Detail (Required)

The order line within the specified order that corresponds to this subscription.

# Issues (Required)*

The number of issues purchased.

Num Copies (Required)

The number of copies purchased if this is a bulk subscription.

Start Date (Required)

Start date of the subscription.

End Date (Required)

End date of the subscription.

Referred By

Name of the person who referred the customer, if applicable.


The name of the third party agent who sold the subscription, if applicable. This field links to the Companies service.

Agent Order #

Order number used by the third-party agent's order entry system, if applicable.

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