About the Populate Referral Request Vendors Process Flow

Aptify generates a list of Referral Request Vendors automatically using Aptify's Process Pipeline technology. Specifically, the system uses the Populate Referral Request Vendors process flow, which is fired by the BeforeSave event for the Referral Requests service.

This process flow uses the Select Referral Request Vendors process component, which supports two Input Properties that can be configured as necessary to modify the system's behavior:

  • FilterSQL: This is an optional input property that can apply an additional filter to the list of returned Companies records that match a referral request's topic codes.
    • For example, an organization could use this property to limit the set of returned records to a particular Company Type.
    • To apply a FilterSQL to the system, an administrator can specify a Filter SQL clause for the Companies service without the WHERE qualifier. For example, entering CompanyTypeID=16 would append this filter to the selection SQL's existing WHERE clause so that only Companies linked to that specific company type are added.
    • This FilterSQL value should be added to the process flow's Event Handler, since the Populate Referral Request Vendors process flow takes a value specified at the Event Handler and passes it into the Select Referral Request Vendors component via the process flow context object.

  • DeleteExistingVendors: This is an optional input property that determines if existing generated Vendors records should be deleted first when regenerating the list.
    • By default, the Populate Referral Request Vendors process flow has this property set to 1 (so the Vendors tab is cleared of all generated entries first before the new list of entries is added).
    • An administrator can change this setting to 0 to keep existing generated vendors if desired (so subsequent regenerations would add new vendors only and not remove existing ones). If an administrator changes this property at the Process Flows record, users may need to close and reopen the Aptify Windows application for this change to take effect.


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