Managing Publication Products

One of the standard Product Types provided with Aptify is a Publication. Products that have the Publication product type are considered extended products: in addition to having all the features of a basic product, a publication product has a Publications tab. The Publications tab stores specific information that is only associated with a publication product.

This topic contains the following sub-topics that describe how to create Publication Product records:

Creating a Publication Product

Creating a new publication product is similar to creating a basic Products record with the exception of the Publication tab.

Follow these steps to create a publication product:

These steps describe how to create a publication product that is not sold as a subscription. For example, an organization may want to offer specific books in its product line. For information on creating subscription-based publications, see Creating Subscription Products.


  1. Open a new Products form from either the Products service or Publications service.
  2. Enter the name of the publication in the Name field.
  3. In the Category field, enter a Product Category for publications.
    • For example, Aptify's sample data set includes a Publications product category.
    • By selecting the publications product category, the record inherits product attributes associated with the selected category, such as common general ledger (GL) accounts.
  4. Select Publication from the Type drop-down list.
    • A Publication tab, appears on the Products form.
  5. Click the Publications tab.
  6. Enter the Publisher in the field provided.
    • This field links to a record in the Companies service.
  7. Enter the date when the publication was written in the Date Written field.
  8. Enter the date when the work was copyrighted in the Date Copyright field.
  9. Enter the date when the work was first published in the Date Published field.
  10. Enter the publication's ISBN or ISSN in the ISBNISSN field.
    • ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. It is a 10-digit number unique to each book.
    • ISSN stands for International Standard Serial Number. It is an 8-digit number unique to each periodical (newspaper, magazine, etc.).
    • See for more information.

      Publication Product Record

  11. Click the Publication Contributors tab and add information about the people who contributed to this publication. See Specifying Publication Contributors for details.
  12. Configure the other settings for the product, such as GL Accounts and Prices. See Creating a Basic Products Record for details.
  13. Save and close the record.

Specifying Publication Contributors

A user can track information about the contributors to a publication on the Publication Contributors subtab. This section describes how to add contributors to a Publications record and specify their role and commission, if applicable. It also describes how an administrator can add additional roles and commission types to Aptify.

Follow these steps to add a contributor to a publication (note that adding contributors to a publication is optional):

  1. Open the Publications record, if not already opened.
  2. Click the Publication > Publication Contributors sub-tab.
  3. Click the New icon in the toolbar to open a new Publication Contributors record.
  4. Specify the contributor in the Person field. 
    • This field links to a record in the Persons service.
  5. Select the contributor's role from the Role drop-down list.
  6. Select the contributor's Commission Type from the drop-down list.
  7. Specify the contributor's commission rate, if applicable, in the Commission field.
    • The Commission Type and Commission fields are for informational and reporting purposes.
  8. If this contributor is the primary person responsible for his or her role in the publication's development, select the Primary In Role option.
    • For example, a coordinating editor or lead author would be primary in their roles.
  9. Enter additional information in the Comments field, as necessary.

    Publication Contributors Record
  10. Click OK to save and close the Publication Contributors record.

Adding Publication Contributor Roles and Commission Types

In Aptify's standard installation, users can select a Role and Commission Type for Publication Contributors but only an administrator can add new Roles or Commission Types to the drop-down lists.

This topic describes how to add new roles and commission types to Aptify:

Adding Commission Types for Publication Contributors

Follow these steps to add a new option to the Commission Type drop-down list on a Publication Contributors record:

  1. Open a new record from the Commission Type service.
    • The Commission Type service is in the Accounting and Administration - CRM applications by default.

  2. Enter the name of the commission type in the Name field.
  3. Enter a Description of the commission type, if desired.

    New Commission Type Record
  4. Save and close the record.

Adding Publication Roles for Publication Contributors

Following are the steps to add a new option to the Role drop-down list on a Publication Contributors record:

  1. Open a new record from the Publication Roles service. 
    • The Publication Roles service is in the Publication Management application, by default.
  2. Enter the name of the role in the Name field.
  3. Enter a Description of the role type, if desired.

    New Publication Roles Record
  4. Save and close the record.
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