About the Parts Form from Products

A Parts record specifies a sub-product for a kit or product group. See Creating Kit Products and Product Groupings for details. The Parts record is accessible from the Assembly tab on the About the Products form .

Sub Product (Required)

The Sub Product is the name of the product that is a component of the kit product or product group when sold. This field links to the Products service.

Quantity (Required)

The Quantity field contains the number of sub-product units that are included when a user orders one unit of the kit or product group.

% Of Revenue (Required)

This field applies to kit products but not to product groups. The percent of revenue field represents the percentage amount applied to the sub-product when the kit/assembled product is sold. The % of Revenue for all sub-products should equal 100. Aptify uses the various percentages to determine what portion of revenue to divide amount the component parts.


The Comments field contains any additional details relevant to the Parts record.


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