About the Publications Tab for the Products Form

A Publication is a Products record that has Product Type set to Publication. A Publications record is identical to a Products record but it also includes a Publication tab. See About the Products Form for information on the standard Products form. This section describes the Publication tab that appears for Publication products only.

Publications Tab

The following information appears on a product's Publications tab.

Attachments Sub-Tab

This tab stores any files relevant to the publication.

General Sub-Tab


The company responsible for printing the publication. This field links to a record in the Companies service.

Date Written

The date when the publication was written.

Date Copyright

The date when a copyright was granted to the publication.

Date Published

The date when the publication was first published.


The publications ISBN or ISSN. ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. It is a 10-digit number unique to each book. ISSN stands for International Standard Serial Number. It is an 8-digit number unique to each periodical (newspaper, magazine, etc.). See http://www.isbn.org for more information.

Publication Contributors Sub-Tab

This tab stores information about the people who contributed to this publication. See About the Publication Contributors Form for more information.


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