About the Publication Contributors Form

This form tracks a particular contributor to a publications, such as a book's author or editor. A publication's contributors are listed on a Publications record's Publication > Publication Contributors sub-tab.

Person (Required)

The person who contributed to the publication. This field links to the Persons service.

Role (Required)

The nature of the person's contribution to the publication. The records in the Publication Roles service appear in this list. See About the Publication Roles Form.

Commission Type (Required)

The type of commission that this contributor receives from the proceeds associated with this publication. The records in the Commission Type service appear in this list. See About the Commission Type Form for Publications.

Commission (Required)

The contributor's commission rate. If the contributor does not receive a commission, leave this field set to 0.

Primary In Role (Required)

When selected, this field indicates that the contributor is the primary person responsible for his or her stated role in managing or producing the publication.


This field stored optional comments concerning this contributor and his or her work with the publication.


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