About the Related Products Form

The Related Products record is used to store information about products related to the current product. Related product information, if active, prompts the service representative to remind customers of the related product when they order the main product. Related products records are only available from the Details > Related Products tab of the Products record.

Comments Tab

The Comments tab contains any additional details relevant to the Related Products record.

General Tab

Related Product (Required)

The Related Product field contains the name of the related product. This field links to another record in the Products service. When a customer orders the current product, the order entry system displays a prompt indicating that this is a related product that the customer may also be interested in ordering.

Product Relationship Type (Required)

The relationship type indicates how the product relates to the product ordered. Standard options include Accessory and Competitor. Contact the system administrator to create other product relationship types. See About the Product Relationship Types Form.


The Active option indicates that a prompt for the related product will display on the order entry form or on the web page when the main product is ordered.

Start Date (Required)

The date the relationship begins.

End Date

The date the relationship expires.

Auto Prompt Operator

The Auto Prompt Operator option automatically prompts the service representative at the time of order with information listed in the Prompt Text field about the related product.

Prompt Text

The Prompt Text field contains the text that appears in the prompt on the order form when the product is ordered. The text is read by the service representative.

Web Prompt

The Web Prompt option is selected if the product is sold in Aptify e-Business Suite and the text in the Web Prompt Text field should display on the product's web page. The web prompt acts similar to the Auto Prompt Operator option except that it is for the web.

Web Prompt Text

The Web Prompt Text field contains the text that appears on the web when an order for the product is taken via Aptify e-Business Suite. The text is read by the customer directly.


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