Managing the Organizations Service

The Organizations service within Aptify differs fundamentally from the Companies service because it is designed to track an internal organizational structure rather than external client or member companies.

There are no strict rules about how to model organizations within Aptify, but the organizational hierarchy affects what types of reports the system can easily generate. When creating Organizations records, the starting point is creating an appropriate organizational structure. Companies, Persons, and Employees records, as well as inventory, can be associated with an organization. Other services can be linked as well. This means that creating an Organizations record for each geographical region enables generating reports such as membership by region or sales by region. Similarly, setting up records for each department provides a convenient way to generate reports by department. The level of granularity needed in the structure is determined by each organization's unique business rules.

To use Aptify, you must create at least one Organizations record. To represent a hierarchical structure in an organization, additional Organizations records are required.

This topic covers the following sub-topics related to the management of the Organizations service in Aptify:

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