Associating Employees with an Organization

There are two ways to associate employees with an organization:

  • Using the Employees form.
  • Using the Organizations form.

Employees are automatically associated with an organization in Aptify when the Organization field is populated in the Employees record and the record is saved. See Creating Employees for details.

Follow these step to add employees to an organization using the Organizations form:

  1. Open the Organizations record and select the Employees tab.
    • Click on the plus symbol to create New Record.
  2. A new Employees record displays. The name of the organization automatically populates the Organization field. Also, the organization's address, phone number, and fax number automatically flow down to the employee's Work Address, Work Phone, and Work Fax fields.
  3. Enter the employee's information on the form. See Creating Employees for more information.
  4. Save and close the Employees record and return to the Organizations record.
    • The employee that was added is now listed on the Employees tab.

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