About the Credit Memo Payment Type

Certain orders in Aptify may have a credit balance for the Bill To party. An order with a credit balance is referred to as a Credit Memo. A customer can apply the balance from a credit memo to an outstanding balance on new orders.
A credit memo is typically created under one of the following circumstances:

  • A customer has cancelled a paid order but has left the balance on account (that is, no refund was generated). See Cancelling Orders for more information.
  • A customer has provided a pre-paid deposit in advance of placing an order. See Recording Prepaid Deposits for details.

When you select the Credit Memo payment type, the payment information area displays the following field:

  • Credit Order (required): The ID of the order that has a credit balance.


When paying for an order with a credit memo, specify the ID of the credit memo order in the field provided.

  • Note that the credit memo must be able to cover the full balance of the an outstanding order to save the payment. If the credit memo does not cover the entire order balance, you can modify the payment amount to specify the available amount from the credit memo that can be applied to the order to save the payment. You can then select another form of payment to cover the remaining balance.
  • The Bill To party on the credit memo order must match the Bill To party on the order(s) to which it is being applied. In other words, the Bill To Company must match if one is specified on the credit memo order. If one is not specified, then the Bill To person must match.
  • The Credit Order link box only returns those orders that can be used as credit memos for this order (that is, orders with a negative balance whose Bill To information matches the order(s) being paid).

See Applying a Partial Payment Using a Credit Memo for information on how to apply a partial credit memo payment to a new order. Also, note that an organization can run the Invoice Consolidation wizard to automatically match a customer's outstanding balances with existing credit memos. See Using the Invoice Consolidation Wizard for details.

This section describes the system's default behavior for using credit memos. This corresponds to a value of 1 for the CreditMemoValidation attribute. See the CreditMemoValidation description in About Payments Entity Attributes for information on how the system behaves when this attribute is set to 0.

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