About the ACH Payment Type

Starting with 5.5.5 and above, Aptify improves support for taking Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) payments through a merchant processor. See Using the Automated Clearinghouse Payment Type for more details.


An ACH (Automatic Clearinghouse) transaction corresponds to a electronic wire transfer from a customer's bank account to the organization's bank account. ACH transactions include debit cards, electronic checks, and wire transfers. As with credit cards, processing ACH transactions electronically requires integration with a third-party processor, such as PayPal.

See Integrating with ePayment Providers for information on how to configure Aptify to communicate with a third-party processor using the Merchant Accounts service.


When you select the ACH payment type, the payment information area displays the following fields:

  • Transaction Num (required): The number assigned to the electronic transaction.
  • Bank (required): The bank where the account is located.
  • Account Number (required): The number of the account from which the funds will be withdrawn.
  • Account Name (required): The name of the account from which the funds will be withdrawn.
  • Branch Name: The name of the purchaser's bank branch.
  • ABA: The bank's nine-digit ABA (American Bankers Association) routing number. This number identifies the bank in electronic transactions.

When creating an ACH payment, complete the field required to complete the electronic fund transfer, as well as any of the other fields as required by your organization's business rules.

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