About the Refund Voucher Payment Type

When a customer returns a product that has already been paid for, the organization refunds the money through a Refund Voucher using a Refund Payable GL account. This account is a contra-revenue account that appears in the income statement as a deduction from gross sales revenue. A Refund Voucher is similar to a Pre-Paid Check payment type, except an organization receives Pre-Paid Checks and sends out Refund Vouchers. (In Aptify, the Refund Voucher credits the Refund Payable GL account. After the refund check is processed in your organization's Accounts Payable system, that system generates a GL entry that debits the Refund Payable account and credits Cash.)

If you select the Refund option in the Order Cancellation wizard, the wizard creates a Refund Voucher payment. See Using the Order Cancellation Wizard for details. If manually creating a refund, use the Refund Voucher payment type. See Manually Creating a Cancellation Order for details.

Refund Voucher payments can integrated with a third party Accounts Payable (AP) system, such as Microsoft Great Plains, using Aptify's AP integration feature. See Integrating with an Accounts Payable System for details.

When you select the Refund Voucher payment type, the payment information area displays the following fields:

  • Check Number (required): The refund check's number.
  • Bank: The bank where the organization's account is located.
  • Account Number: The organization's checking account number.
  • Branch Name: The name of the organization's bank branch.
  • ABA: The bank's nine-digit ABA (American Bankers Association) routing number. This number identifies the bank in electronic transactions.

When creating a Refund Voucher payment, complete the Check Number field and any of the other fields required by your organization's business rules.

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