About the Purchase Order Payment Type

A Purchase Order is a promise to pay for an order at a future date. Since a purchase order does not actually corresponds to a monetary payment, it is only available on Orders or Saved Payment Methods records. It is not available for selection on a Payments record.

A purchase order extends credit to an order's Bill To party. Therefore, the purchaser must have sufficient credit available to place an order with a Purchase Order payment type. See Paying On Account Using a Purchase Order for more information.


When you select a Payment Type of Purchase Order on an Orders or Saved Payment Methods record, the payment information area displays the following fields:

  • PO # (required): A number supplied by the Bill To party that is used to reference an invoice when it is received for payment. This field is required to save an order with a Purchase Order initial payment.
  • Terms: The terms for the payment of the order. For example, "Net 30" indicates that the entire balance is due in 30 days.
  • Due Date: The date by which payment is due in full for the order.

When specifying an initial payment of Purchase Order, complete the PO # field and any of the other fields required by your organization's business rules.

Note Concerning Default PO Numbers:

In Aptify, performing an action that refreshes the payment type on an Orders form clears nearly all other payment related fields. For example, when a Bill To party is added to an order, the Payment Type is refreshed based on the Bill To party's last payment type and any default payment data is removed. This is appropriate when dealing with credit cards, but prevents an organization from setting a default PO Number. Therefore, Aptify's Payment Information control disables the clearing of the payment information for PO Number payment types so that an organization can set a default PO Number as needed.

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