Shipping Information for Entire Order (One Shipment)

Follow these steps to specify shipping information for an order that includes only one shipment (that is, all products are shipping to the same location in one package):

  1. Open the Orders record, if not already opened.
  2. On the Customer tab:
    • Ship Type: Typically, the Shipment Type is configured at the time the order is taken so shipping costs can be accurately calculated. However, if not previously configured, you can select the shipping method from the Ship Type drop-down. Note that this may result in a change to the shipping charges on the order, which may need to be communicated back to the customer.
  3. Click the Shipping tab.
  4. Complete the fields on the Shipping tab, as necessary. This tab has the following fields:
    • Promised On: Use this field to record the date on which the shipment is expected to arrive at the Ship To destination.
    • Hold Until: An organization can use this field to indicate that items are on hold for the customer. This field is typically used for quotation orders.
    • Date Shipped: If the other has already shipped, enter the date when it shipped. If this field is blank when the order is marked as shipped, Aptify automatically inserts the current date and time into this field.
    • Shipped By: Enter the employee who shipped the package to the customer. This field links to the Employees service.
    • Tracking #: Enter the tracking number for the order's shipment.
    • Ship Expense: This field displays the shipping cost of the order. This is what it costs the organization to ship the order, not what is charged the customer.
    • Drop Ship: When selected, this option indicates that the order was drop shipped from a third-party location. Drop shipped orders do not impact the organization's inventory. See Processing Drop Shipment Orders for details.
    • Customer Shipping Account #: Specify a customer-provided shipping account number in this field, if applicable. For example, a customer may provide a Fed Ex account number that can be used to pay for shipping.
    • Arrival Date: Use this field to specify the actual date when the shipment was received by the customer.
    • Back Orders: If a customer places an order for multiple products but one ore more products are now available for immediate shipment, an organization can ship the items currently available and back order the other items to be shipped when new stock is received. See Back Orders for additional details.

  5. Save the Orders record.
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