About the NSF Check Payment Type

A non-sufficient funds (NSF) check is a bounced check; that is, a financial institution returns because the customer has insufficient funds. In Aptify this is handled as a payment adjustment with a negative amount instead of the usual positive amount posting.

 NSF Check Payment Type
When you select the NSF payment type, the payment information area displays the following fields (which are the same as those that appear for the Pre-Paid Check type):

  • Check Number (required): The number of the check that bounced.
  • Bank: The bank where the checking account is located.
  • Account Number: The purchaser's checking account number.
  • Branch Name: The name of the purchaser's bank branch.
  • ABA: The bank's nine-digit ABA (American Bankers Association) routing number. This number identifies the bank in electronic transactions.

When creating an NSF Check payment, complete the Check Number field and any of the other fields required by your organization's business rules. See Processing a Non Sufficient Funds Check for information on how to record an NSF check.

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