Configuring a Meeting Product to Track Education Units

Perform the steps below to configure a meeting product to track education units.

When adding education units for meetings, perform the procedure in Creating an Education Categories Record before completing the steps below.


  1. Open a new or existing record from either the Products or Meetings service.
    • The Products service is found in the Product Maintenance and Inventory Management applications by default. The Meetings service is found in the Meeting Management service by default.
    • If you open a new record from the Meetings service, the system automatically updates Category field with the meeting product's Category and the Type field to Meeting. If you open a new record from the Products service, select the Meeting product type from the Product Type list and the appropriate meeting product category.
  2. Go to the Meetings tab and fill in the required meeting information as necessary on the General tab.

    See Creating a Products Record for a Meeting for more details about creating meeting products.

  3. Open a new Education Units record from the Education Units sub-tab on the Meetings tab of the Products record.
  4. Enter or select the name of the education category in the Education Category field.
  5. If applicable, enter the Primary Function associated with the number of education units created for this meeting from this record. If a primary function is specified, a meeting attendee must be associated with the job function specified in this field.
    • Note that when a primary function is specified and only one Meeting Education Units record is associated with a particular meeting, the meeting attendee only has to be associated with the function. The function does not have to be their Primary Function (found on a Persons record's Details > Functions tab).
    • If more than one Meeting Education Units record exists, the Primary Function field determines how many education units a person receives and is based on the person's Primary Function (found on a Persons record's Details > Functions tab). For example, an administrator can create two Meeting Education Units records for a meeting; one with a Primary Function of Sales specified and one with no Primary Function specified. Persons whose primary job function is in the sales department would earn the education units specified in the sales record and the second record where other attendees would be credited based on the second Meeting Education Units record alone.

  6. Enter the Education Units that can be earned for attending this meeting.
  7. Click OK to save the Education Units record.
  8. Repeat Steps 3 through 6 to create additional education unit definitions as necessary.
    • Alternatively you can select OK and New in Step 6 to save the current record and open a new Education Units record in one step.

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