Adding Sessions to a Meeting Product

In Aptify, a meeting's sessions are tracked as individual sub-meetings that are linked to the main meeting via the Parent Product field on the sub-meeting's Products record. This approach provides the flexibility to manage a meeting's sessions with the same features that are available for top-level meetings, including the ability to:

  • Track revenue from sessions separately to different general ledger (GL) accounts.
  • Price sessions using any of Aptify's standard pricing features.
  • Track session attendance independently of the main meeting.

Follow these steps to create sessions for a meeting:

  1. Create a Products record for the main meeting.
  2. Open a new Products record and enter the session's name in the Name field.
  3. Select a product Category for the meeting session.
  4. Select Meeting as the Product Type, if not already selected.
  5. Enter the main meeting in the Parent Product field.

  6. Configure the meeting options for the session, establish inventory, and add prices, if applicable.
  7. See Creating a Products Record for a Meeting for instructions on configuring a Meetings record.
  8. Save and close the Products record.

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