Adding New Records to the Resources Service

If a record for a particular meeting resource does not exist, you can create a new Resource record.

  1. From the Resources service, open a new Resources form.
  2. Enter the name of the resource in the Name field.
  3. Enter a Description of the resource.
  4. Select the Resource's resource type from the Resource Type field.
  5. Enter the total number of the resource available in the Quantity field.

  6. Specify the resource's internal Tracking Number, if applicable.
    • If the resource cannot be shared across multiple meetings that occur at the same time (for example, a microphone can only be present physically at one meeting at a particular time), do not select the Allow Sharing option. When not selected, if the specified quantity of a resource has already been reserved by other meetings for the desired time period, Aptify will display a message box that prevents a user from assigning the resource to an additional meeting at that time (regardless of the Warn User setting).

    • If the resource can be shared across multiple meetings that occur at the same time, select the Allow Sharing option.

    • When the resource has Allow Sharing selected, you can also select the Warn User option. If selected, Aptify displays a notification message when a resource is assigned to a meeting for a date and time when it is already committed to another meeting. However, the user can still proceed with the resource assignment. If the Warn User option is cleared, Aptify assigns the resource to the additional meeting at the conflicting time without notifying the user.

  7. Configure the Allow Sharing and Warn User options as applicable:
  8. Enter any additional information on the Comments tab.
  9. Save and close the Resources record.
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