About the Housing Transfer Types

The Housing Transfer Types service defines the format of the files exchanged between an organization and participating hotels. The format of the import and export files depends upon the capabilities of a hotel's reservation system and may vary from hotel to hotel.

The following is an overview of the process:

  1. An organization works with a participating hotel to determine the file format required by that particular hotel so that the hotel and the organization can exchange reservation details.
  2. A developer creates an object with multiple classes that defines the operations to create and import files that use the hotel's format.
  3. The developer adds the custom object and its classes to the Aptify Object Repository.

  4. The developer creates two Housing Transfer Types:
    • One to export data into the hotel's required file format
    • One to import data from the hotel's format into Aptify.

    The specifics of developing the required organization-specific file formats for housing transfers, refer to the Aptify.Applications.Housing namespace in the Aptify Software Development Kit (SDK) for more information.

    By default, Aptify provides a sample housing transfer type for illustration and demonstration purposes. It uses the following format:

  5. Export Transfer Sample: The sample transfer type exports Housing Reservation Guest details into a comma-delimited text file. You can import a sample export file into Microsoft Excel to view the list of exported fields.

  6. Import Transfer Sample: The sample transfer type imports a Room Confirmation number into Housing Reservation Guests records. To support this format, each line of the text file to be imported needs the following format:

"HousingReservationGuestID","[Hotel confirmation number]"

For example:


In this example, the import process adds a confirmation number of 5623589 to the Housing Reservation Guests record with the ID of 5.


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