About the Meeting Rooms Form

The Meetings Rooms record stores information about room planning including information such as dimensions, capacity (which is variable based on room configuration), obstructions, and the location of the room.

Attachments Tab

This tab stores any files relevant to this record.

Comments Tab

This tab stores any comments relevant to this record.

General Tab

Name (Required)

The name of the meeting room.


A brief description of the meeting room.

Parent ID

If the meeting room is a child of another room, this field indicates the name of the parent room.


Select the venue in which the meeting room is associated.


The width of the meeting room.


The length of the meeting room.

Ceiling Height

The height of the ceiling in the meeting room.


The map latitude where the meeting room is located.


The map longitude where the meeting room is located.

Floor Weight Capacity

The weight capacity for the meeting room.


Any obstructions in the meeting that would need to be taken into account with certain room configurations.

Handicap Access

The degree in which the room is accessible for persons who are physically disabled. The default options are Partial, Full, and None.

Meeting Types Allowed

The types of meetings that can be held in this room. The available option are All (any type of meeting can be held in this room) or Restricted (meetings held in this room are restricted to certain meeting type. The field is for tracking purposes only. However, an organization can develop functionality that restricts meeting rooms to certain meeting types.

Meeting Room Types Tab

This tab stored the room types associated with this meeting. When configuring a meeting to use a particular meeting room, a meeting organizer can select from a list of room types based on the room types stores configured on this tab.

Meeting Room Types Form - As Opened From Meeting Room Types Tab

Meeting Room Type

The type of room that can be associated with this particular meeting room space. This field links to the Meeting Room Types service. See About the Meeting Room Types Form for more creating room types.


The capacity of room in relevance to this particular meeting room space.


A brief description of the room type in relevance to this particular meeting room space.

Schedule Tab

The Schedule tab is a calendar view that displays when the room is booked for a meeting. Any room in which the meeting room is dependent on will be displayed. For example, if a room is part of a combo room then the schedule of the combo room and all parent rooms up to the top-level room will be displayed. Each meeting room that has been booked for a particular time frame is displayed with the title of the meeting associated with the assigned room.

Sub-Rooms Tab

Once a top-level room has been created, you can divide the meeting room into separate meeting spaces by creating sub-rooms. This tab stores the sub-rooms that are associated with this Meeting.


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