Creating a Products Record for Housing

Perform the following steps to create a Housing product:

These instructions focus on how creating a Housing product differs from creating a standard product. Therefore, configuration items that are the same for housing and basic products are not described in detail. For more information on items that are common to both housing and basic products (such as Product Categories), see Managing Basic Products.

  1. Open a new Products record.
    • Create a Housing product from Housing service or the Products service.

  2. Name the Housing product in the Name field.
  3. Select or create a Housing product Category.

    If the Category field is set to Housing, any general ledger (GL) accounts and other attributes defined for the Housing product category flow down to the product to streamline product setup.

  4. Select the Housing product type from the Type list.
    • By default the Type is set to Housing for records opened from the Housing service. 
    • A Housing tab is displayed in the record when the product Type is set to Housing.

  5. Enter the name of product's parent Housing product in the Parent Product field, if applicable. This field links to the corresponding Products record.

  6. Click the Prices tab and do one of the following:
    • If the organization is not charging customers for managing hotel reservations, select the Allow Free option on the Settings sub-tab.
    • If the organization is charging a service fee for managing hotel reservations, create Prices Records in the Price matrix for the appropriate amounts. Note that this price is not the cost of the hotel room; it is an optional service fee that customers/members will pay to the organization as compensation for managing the meeting reservation process. Guests will pay lodging costs directly to the hotel.

  7. Click the Accounting > GL Accounts tab and modify the GL accounts that flowed down from the product category as necessary.
    • Even if the organization is not charging a service fee, the Products record requires at least a Sales account in order to save the record.

  8. Save and Close the Products record.

    There is no need to configure Inventory for Housing products; this function is handled elsewhere in the Housing Management system.


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