Scheduling Meeting Rooms for an Event

Once the appropriate meeting rooms have been created and configured, a meeting organizer can start scheduling an event's meeting and sessions. Once a Meeting has been scheduled and a room has been assigned, the room (or combination of rooms) is no longer available for booking during the time specified for the meeting. When a meeting organizer schedules additional meetings that fall within the same time frame, the meeting room will not be available when selecting a meeting room.

The following are the steps to schedule a meeting room for an event.

  1. A meeting organizer creates the appropriate Meeting Products records for the meetings and sessions associated with the event with the appropriate Start Date and End Date specified on the Meetings-> General tab of each meeting. See Creating a Products Record for a Meeting for more details about creating meeting and sessions within Aptify.
  2. Go to the Meetings-> Meeting Logistics tab.
  3. Enter a Venue.
    • The address information is automatically populated with the information from the corresponding Venues record.
  4. Search for an available meeting room in the Room field.
    • Only available rooms for the specified date and time associated with the venue can be selected.
    • The Place field is automatically populated with the name of the room followed by the meeting room's venue in the following format: Room/Venue. For example, Room A is a sub-room of Ballroom East at the Washington Hotel. The Place field is populated with Room A/Washington Hotel.
      • Note that the Place field is updated automatically when a room has been selected or updated. If a room is removed, the value in the Place field is deleted. However, if the value in the Place field is modified by a user, the value will not be removed upon an update of the Room field.

    Note Concerning Meeting Sessions: Once a room has been assigned to a top-level meeting, all sub-rooms associated with the meeting room become unavailable. Therefore, when booking rooms for a meeting with sessions, book rooms for each session rather than booking an entire room for the top-level meeting. If the meeting sessions have not been fully determined, you can assign the entire room to the top-level meeting as a placeholder and then assigned the sub-rooms to the appropriate session at a later date (by removing the meeting room from the Room field in the top-level meeting).

  5. Select the type of meeting room from the Room Type drop-down list, if applicable.
    • The Capacity field is automatically updated with the capacity specified in the Meeting Room Type record for the selected room.
    • If your meeting using the Max Reg. field to track meeting inventory and the maximum registrants for a particular meeting, Aptify validates the capacity of the meeting room type is greater than or equal to this.

  6. Save the Meetings record.
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