Creating a New Meeting Products Record

Follow these steps to create a new Meeting product from scratch using the New Meeting wizard:

  1. Click the New Meeting Wizard Option from Actions dropdown.

  2. To create a new meeting, leave the Copy Existing Meeting field blank, and click Next.
  3. Enter the name for the meeting product in the New Product Name field. 
    • This name will also flow down to the New Meeting Name field. 
    • If you want to specify a different name for the meeting, clear the Other Names Same as Product Name option and edit the New Meeting Name field.

  4. Enter a Category.
  5. If you are creating a record for a Meetings sessions, specify the top-level meeting in the Parent Meeting field.
  6. Select an appropriate meeting conflict behavior from the Meeting Conflict drop-down menu.
  7. Enter the maximum number of people who can register for this meeting in the Max. Reg. field.
  8. Enter a Start Date and Time and an End Date and Time.
  9. Select a Coordinator.
    • The Coordinator field is linked to the Employees Service.

  10. Provide any additional optional details and select Next to continue.
    • Parent Meeting: If you are creating a record for a Meetings session, specify the top-level meeting this field. See Adding Sessions to a Meeting Product for details.
    • Meeting Type: Use this field to enter a meeting type.
    • Registration Opens: Date that Meeting registration is open.
    • Registration Closes: Date the Meeting registration is closed.
    • Rev. Rec. Date: Use this field to specify a date in the future for when revenue associated with this meeting should be recognized.
      • For example, an organization may want to defer all revenue recognition from meeting registration until the day of the meeting.
      • If you leave this field blank, revenue from a meeting registration will be recognized on the day the meeting order is marked as shipped.

    • Organization: Use this field to specify the organization associated with the product.
    • Committee: Use this field to specify the committee associated with the product
    • Linked Expo: If a meeting has a corresponding exposition linked to it, enter the Expos record in this field. See Using Expo Management for more information.
    • Description: Use this field to provide a more details description of the meeting.

  11. If your organization has the Aptify e-Business Suite installed, select Web Enable option to enable the meeting to appear on your e-Business website, if desired,
  12. Select a customer type to associate the default price for this meeting from the Member Type drop-down list. 
    • The default is Non-Member.
    • The default price of the product, you can add additional as needed once the meeting is created.

  13. By default this is set to US Dollar. Select the Currency Type ID to match the appropriate default price's currency. 
    • The default value of this field is determined by the value of the currency type field in the staging entity for this wizard. An administrator can modify this value as needed by changing the default value of the Currency Type ID field in the Meeting Clone wizard entity.

  14. Provide the Default Product Price, if desired. 

    Failure to include a Default Product Price will result in the creation of Meeting Product with a price of $0.00.

  15. Click Next to continue.
  16. Click Finish to complete the wizard and open the newly created Meeting Products record. 
    • When finished, the new Meetings record is displayed.
    • The Open the new Meeting after it has been created option is selected by default. Clear this option if you do not wish to review the newly created meeting.

  17. Review the new meeting and add or modify additional information as need.
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