About the Booth Product Codes Form

Booth Product Codes records are available only from the Expo Order Lines form, which is used to collect additional information when an Expo product is ordered through the order entry process. Booth Product Codes records store information about the products that will be sold or marketed at a booth.

Comments Tab

The Comments tab contains any additional details relevant to the Booth Product Codes record.

General Tab

Product Code (required)

Identifies the SIC or NAICS code for a product that will be sold or marketed at the booth by the exhibitor. This field links to the Product Codes service, which is described in About the Product Codes Form.

Exhibitor (required)

The customer who ordered the booth is listed in the Exhibitor field.


Rank of product to company.


The Description field holds a description of the relationship of the exhibiting company and the product selected.


The name of the product.

Name Foreign

Foreign name of product.


The name of the company that makes the product is listed in this field.

Manufacturer Foreign

If the manufacturer's name is different in the foreign language of the exhibition, the foreign name is located in the Manufacturer Foreign field.


The name of the country. All country names are listed in the Country list.

Country Foreign

The name of the country, as it appears in the foreign language.


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