Managing the Floorplans and Venues

Floorplans provide specific information about an expo, including the number of booths, the layout of the booths in the expo, and the associated venue.

Venues specify the physical location of each floorplan for an expo, which may be a specific building, or even one floor or hall within that building. Because there can be many different ways to configure an expo within a single location, multiple floorplans can be associated with a venue.

Once a floorplan has been created, it may only be used with the expo to which it is linked. However, floorplans may be copied, to allow an organization to make use of an already defined booth configuration. Booths contained within a copied floorplan may then be modified to account for any changes necessary.

Aptify also supports integrating Floorplans with third-party Floorplan Systems, such as ExpoCAD. In this case, all booth design occurs in the Floorplan System while booth reservations occur within Aptify.

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Because floorplans contain assigned booths and because they are tied to specific expos, a single floorplan should not be used for multiple expos. When creating a new floorplan, existing floorplans can be copied if they have a suitable layout for the current purpose.

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