Managing Meeting Registration for Exhibitors

Expo products are used for selling booth space to exhibitors and Meeting products are used to register attendees at expos. During registration, many organizations wish to link attendees who are exhibitors with the booth they have purchased. This is accomplished by linking the Meeting product to the Expo product.

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Linking a Meeting to an Expo

  1. Open the Meetings product record from either the Products service or the Meetings -service.
  2. On the Meetings tab, select the General sub-tab, and enter the name of the Expo product in the Linked Expo field.
  3. Save the record.

Creating a Meeting Registration for an Exhibitor

  1. Create an order for the Expo product, selecting a booth on the Expo Order Lines form, and save the order.
  2. Create a separate order for the related Meeting product or add the meeting as another order line to the saved expo order (assuming that you did not mark the expo order as shipped).
  3. Open the Meeting Order Lines form and select the Is Exhibitor option. The Exhibitor Booth field becomes enabled.
  4. In the Booth Number field, select the booth that was chosen for the Expo product order.

    • If the number of registrants who are allowed to staff the selected booth has reached its maximum limit, Aptify automatically prompts you that the new registration cannot be processed until the booth's maximum number of allowed registrants has been adjusted. If this message appears, click Yes to open the Booths record and modify the Maximum # field. 
  5. Click OK when finished to close the Meeting Order Lines record.
  6. Finish entering the Meeting product order and save the record.
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