Pricing Expos

Rather than pricing each booth individually, pricing for booth space in Aptify is based on units. Each booth is defined as requiring a certain number of units. When booths are merged, the number of units in the surviving booth is the sum of the units in the original booths. Therefore, when booths are merged or broken apart, the price of the booth is automatically reflected by the required units. In addition, individual booths may be given a preferred booth surcharge. Another advantage of unit-based pricing is that space, but not the actual booth location, can be sold before floorplans or individual booths are defined.

Unit Pricing Example

Each unit is 10 feet by 10 feet and is priced at $1000. A customer may want to purchase Booth 1A, which is a 10 x 30 booth. This booth requires 3 units for purchase, so the price of the booth is $3000. 


For additional information on how to configure pricing for products, see Assigning Product Prices.

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