About the Venues Form

Venues records contain information about sites where expositions and meetings are held. Multiple floorplans and meeting rooms can be based on a single venue, as there might be more than one method of configuring an exposition or set of meeting rooms in that space. The Venues service is also available from the Meeting Management application. See Managing Meeting Rooms for more information about using Venues records in conjunction with the Aptify Meeting Management application.

Attachments Tab

The Attachments tab lists any files relevant to the Venues record.

Comments Tab

The Comments tab lists any additional details relevant to the Venues record.

Details Tab


The Building field contains the name of the building where the venue is located, if applicable.


The Floor field contains the name of the floor where the venue is located, if applicable.


The Wing field contains the name of the wing where the venue is located, if applicable.

Max People

Max People indicates the maximum number of people that the venue can accommodate.


This feature is no longer supported in Aptify and is included for backwards compatibility purposes.

Size Scale

The Size Scale field contains the sizing method for the venue. For example, if the venue is 10,000 square feet, the value in the Total Size field would be "20000" and the value in the Size Scale field would be "square feet."

Total Size

Total size indicates the size of the venue. In combination with the value entered in the Size Scale field, the venue size can be determined.


A description of the venue is stored in the Description field.

Floorplans Tab

This tab lists all Floorplans records associated with this venue. Floorplans and venues are associated automatically when the venue is specified in the Floorplan record. New Floorplans records may be created from this tab through the use of the New Floorplans wizard.

This tab is only applicable for Expo Management

 General Tab

Name (required)

The name of the venue is displayed in this field.


The Parent field stores the name of the parent venue, if the current venue is part of a larger venue. This field links to the Venues service.

Address Line 1, Address Line 2, Address Line 3, City, State, ZIP, Country

Address information for the venue is stored in the address fields.

In Aptify web, the Bad Address option is always displayed on any form where the address control is displayed, no matter how the administrator has configured the bad address input properties. However, enabling or disabling the Bad Address option in this form does not affect the status of the address. This option is effective only when it is set on the Companies and Persons top-level entities. This is a known issue set to be resolved in a future release of Aptify. Contact Aptify Technical Support for updates.


The Directions field stores directions for locating the venue.

Vendor (required)

This field indicates the company that controls the venue; it links to the Companies service.

Vendor Contact (required)

This field indicates the contact person for the vendor company; it inks to the Persons service.


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